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Artist Brett Field

Alarmist Whisper Original Artwork

Alarmist Whisper Original Artwork

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Title: Alarmist Whisper
Medium: Acrylic on Fine Art Paper
Dimensions: 29.7 x 42 cm


"Alarmist Whisper" is a compelling acrylic painting measuring 29.7 x 42 cm. Painted on fine art paper, the artwork draws viewers into a narrative framed by the solitary figure of a lighthouse.

The lighthouse, traditionally a beacon of guidance and symbol of safety for mariners, is presented here with an intriguing twist. The artist playfully engages with the paradox of the title "Alarmist Whisper" by juxtaposing the structure typically associated with urgent, alarmist signals with i solidarity.

The palette is dominated by bold reds bleeding into the broader scene. The lighthouse itself, a traditionally robust and static structure, here seems almost ethereal, as though it might dissolve into the surrounding seascape at any moment. 

The painting exudes an air of tranquillity while hinting at the unseen dangers that the ocean holds. It serves as a powerful metaphor for the human condition: standing strong amidst the unpredictable ebb and flow of life.

"Alarmist Whisper" is more than a painting; it's a poetic exploration of contrast and harmony, of steadfastness and change, of silence and alarm. It is an invitation to reflect on our place within the vast, often tumultuous sea of existence.

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