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Artist Brett Field

Tabgerine Dome Original Artwork

Tabgerine Dome Original Artwork

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Title: Tangerine Reverie: The Majestic Dome
Medium: Acrylic on Fine Art Canvas
Dimensions: 90 x 120 cm
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"Tangerine Reverie: The Majestic Dome" is a captivating original artwork, beautifully rendered in acrylic on fine art canvas, with grand dimensions of 90 x 120 cm. The painting offers a close-up view of a grand Roman-inspired dome, brought to life with bold, saturated hues of tangerine oranges, purples, and yellow details set against a blue-grey background.

The dome, possibly Roman in its architectural inspiration, is the focal point of this painting. Painted in vibrant tangerine oranges and purples, with yellow details adding further dimension and contrast, the dome is a radiant spectacle of color and form. The choice of bold, saturated colors gives the structure an almost surreal quality, as if seen through the lens of a vivid dream or an intense emotion.

The blue-grey background provides a calming counterpoint to the bold colors of the dome, allowing the central subject to shine with unabated intensity. The contrast between the cool background and the warm, vibrant dome further enhances the sense of depth and three-dimensionality in the painting.

Despite its grand subject matter, "Tangerine Reverie: The Majestic Dome" exudes a sense of fun and excitement. The use of bold, saturated colours, combined with the dynamic line work, infuses the painting with an infectious energy that invites viewers to revel in the joy of colour and form.

"Tangerine Reverie: The Majestic Dome" is more than a painting; it is a celebration of color, form, and the awe-inspiring beauty of architectural grandeur. Through its vibrant palette and dynamic composition, the artwork offers a fresh and exciting interpretation of architectural beauty, inviting viewers to lose themselves in a world where color reigns supreme and reality takes on the hues of a tangerine dream.

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